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When, where, why & how to use makeup sponges | Sephora Australia

To get the best performance out of your foundation—even application, the right balance of coverage, and a smooth finishing texture—you need the right tool. And, wow, do sponges do the trick! These days, the best makeup sponges come in all sorts of shapes from triangular wedges to curvaceous makeup sponge eggs.

Why Use A Makeup Sponge?

More than just perfecting your foundation, makeup sponges work with tinted moisturisers, cream blushes, or contour creams, and they make blending a breeze. The more rounded ones are all-stars at smooth, streak-free coverage over larger areas. Smaller, more precise sponge blenders are great for under-eye makeup or covering blemishes without over applying product.

How to Use a Makeup Sponge?

First wet the sponge until it is completely saturated, then squeeze out excess water. Dip the rounded end of the sponge into your foundation (or other fluid makeup), then gently dab and stipple over face until blended. There’s no need to rub or drag the sponge! Dabbing will get the job done to seamless perfection.

How to Wash Your Makeup Sponge?

You can use specially formulated cleansers to keep your sponge clear of makeup buildup. But in a pinch, a mild soap (or even baby shampoo!) will do the trick. Simply run the sponge under warm water while adding a few drops of soap and work out the stains with your fingertips. The roll in towel to remove excess water and lay out until fully dry. How often you need to wash your sponge depends on much you use it, but once a week such be enough.

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