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How to apply false eyelashes to make it look totally real | Sephora Australia

When mascara alone just won’t do, we turn to false lashes to heighten the drama. But how many times has applying false eyelashes turned into a sticky mess of glue with lashes coming out of anywhere and everywhere but your lashline? Or, maybe, you’ve got fake lashes application more-or-less down, but you’re not more-or-less down with the obvious fake eyelashes results—who is that spider-eyed woman looking back from the mirror? We can’t always commit to regular lash extension appointments or have a professional come house calling every time we want false eyelashes that look undetectably natural, but here are a few quick and easy (promise!) steps you can try to up your lash game to pro status.

  1. Measure False Lashes: To get a more natural fit and finish, first measure your false lashes to fit ¾ the length of your lash line (leaving the inner corner bare). Then trim off the excess. For the most natural look, trim from the end with longer hairs. This will help the false lashes work more seamlessly with your natural lash line and length.

  2. Apply Glue: Either apply directly or use a cotton swab to drag a very (very) thin line of glue along the bottom of the false eyelashes. Let dry for 30 seconds—this is super important if you don’t want to end up with a sticky mess around your eye instead of gorgeous gravity-defying lashes.

  3. Place & Press: Place the fake lashes directly in the center of your lash line then gently press toward either edge, squeezing (but never pulling!) very, very gently into your real lashes. Wait until glue is clear, so you know that it’s dry, before putting any makeup on your eyes.

  4. Disguise with Eyeliner: Use your favorite black liner to hide the glue strip, but try not to draw too thick of a line to keep the lashes looking their natural best.

  5. Brush & Finish with Mascara: With a clean spoolie, carefully brush fake and real lashes together so they’re completely intermixed without a noticeable gap. Finish with just enough mascara to finish blending false and real lashes together—nothing too thick to keep the look naturally gorgeous.

That’s it! Mile-high long eyelashes that blend seamlessly with the real deal for a totally natural, totally enviable look. To get all the tools, lash adhesive and the best false eyelashes, shop online at Sephora Australia.

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