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Moisturiser | Sephora Australia

The phrase ‘drink up’ does not just apply to the ideal 8 glasses of water that you should consume on a daily basis. Hydration is essential for both our internal and external organs. As the largest organ of our body, our skin requires much more moisture than we think it needs—this is especially the case for those with dry and sensitive skin. Diligently moisturising our body regularly performs wonders for our skin: moisturisers soothe irritated and itchy skin, protect sensitive skin, and replenish the moisture of dry skin. Surely, the many merits of moisturisers make it an indispensable product in every man and woman’s life!

Sephora offers a wide variety of moisturisers that come in many different forms: creams, lotions, body butters, body oils and serums. When searching for a quality moisturiser, shea butter is an excellent ingredient to have in a moisturiser. 100% pure and natural shea butter is known for its exceptional skin healing properties that treats common skin woes like blemishes, wrinkles, skin rash, and more! Meanwhile, another super skin ingredient to look out for in a moisturiser is coconut oil, which acts as a great softener on the skin and further possesses anti-ageing properties which lets you reap the benefits of an oil-based moisturiser!

On top of the generic body moisturisers, we also offer moisturisers that specifically address different parts of our body. Check out our hand creams and foot treatment products too for a wholesome moisturising programme. With the large selection of moisturisers brought to you by Sephora, there is no excuse for you not to moisturise! Shop online at Sephora Australia for moisturisers guaranteed of quality!

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