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Moisturisers | Sephora Australia

We all dream of achieving beautiful skin that doesn’t require makeup. While that isn’t impossible, there are definitely no shortcuts to getting that. A truly effective skincare regimen involves several steps, and one of them is the right moisturisation. No matter what your skin type is, keep in mind that using a good amount of the right moisturiser is essential to keeping skin fresh, healthy and radiant.

Healthy and youthful skin always comes as a result of having internal and external balance. Hydration, for instance, is one important factor that must be maintained for skin to look its best. Our skin can only do so much to prevent moisture loss, as such, it becomes necessary to replenish moisture through lotions, creams, balms or serums. Sephora offers a diverse range of moisturisers to suit your personal needs. Whether it’s for the face or body, basic or advanced treatments, these products are created for the sole purpose of supplementing skin with essential moisture. Lotions and creams can do well to provide instant and basic moisture to the skin as well as nourish the skin and improve overall texture. We also have powerful moisturisers which double as sunscreens for optimal hydration and UV defence.

Hydrating dry skin is a must, especially in cold harsh weather. If you are suffering from flaky patches or scaly skin, your skin is deeply parched. Repair it with rich, creamy lotions from trusted brands. But don’t forget that oily skin deserves good hydration as well! It is a common misconception that oily skin no longer needs any more hydration. Oil is definitely not moisture. It is possible for skin to be dehydrated and oily at the same time. A lot of oily-skinned individuals even say that regularly moisturising their skin has reduced their sebum production. Moisturisers can feel lightweight on the skin but they surely do a splendid job moisturising the skin.

For more intensive hydration, we have products that provide superior relief against dryness in ageing skin that contain a high concentration of nutrients that support cells in locking in moisture. To alleviate visible signs of damage, we also have products that promote a holistic approach to revitalising the skin. Not only do they restore moisture balance, they also reinforce vital cellular functions to reveal fuller, more refined skin with a noticeable radiance. Noncomedogenic variants that hydrate the skin without clogging the pores are also up for grabs. These are perfect for troubled or sensitive skin as they prevent acne or other skin problems from forming. Of course, heavy-duty moisturisers that do a fantastic job of moisturising wrinkles and reducing the effects of ageing are also available.

There are also other features to consider when choosing the right moisturiser. Pick one with a good amount of SPF so you can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The ones with organic ingredients are fantastic, especially if you have sensitive skin. Moisturisers that have effective lightening properties can also help erase blemishes over time. With our wide collection of hydrating products, discover the perfect moisturiser for your skin at Sephora! Choose from among the plentiful varieties of moisturisers at Sephora and let your skin reveal its natural beauty. Shopping has never been made this simple and fast, where one tap of the screen or one click of a button is all you need to purchase your products. In doing so, your delivery is on its way and within a few short days you’ll have them all in your possession. Experience the best online shopping at Sephora Australia, where quality, affordability and genuine customer service are guaranteed.

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