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All you need to know about Mascaras

Widen the windows to your soul with luscious length and come-hither curl!

Best Waterproof Mascara: Get serious with smudges

If you’ve ever glanced at your reflection to see streaky black mascara running down your cheeks, it’s clear you’ve not been using a waterproof or smudge-proof mascara. Pick up a product that can handle tears, tantrums and dancing in the rain. But don’t think that’s all they do - a good smudge-proof mascara will also appear natural and long-lasting while building volume and length. Newbies to waterproof mascara can pick their product depending on their needs: daily wear and tear may only require a smudge-proof mascara while trips to the beach and swimming pools will definitely warrant a full-on waterproof formula. However, if you find these mascaras harder to remove at the end of the day, it’s best to stick to a regular mascara when you’re unlikely to get wet.

Best Lengthening Mascara: Grow and glow

A lengthening mascara can be an excellent addition to your beauty collection especially if you have smaller eyes you’d like to enhance. These innovative mascaras can act as natural lash enhancers and save you splashing out on expensive eyelash extensions. Building length can often be a game of illusion - one that some products excel at. The best lengthening mascaras bond with your natural eyelashes and create an invisible tube around them, therefore giving the illusion of extended length. But if lashing on as much product is your usual style, ease up when it comes to lengthening mascara. Unlike volumising mascara where ‘the bigger the better’ is the name of the game, the secret to long lashes isn’t multiple coatings. Single, straight strokes are best for building length and ensuring colour extends from the roots to the tips of your lashes.

Best Volumising Mascara

Lusting after those celebs with constantly voluminous eyelashes? Unless they’re wearing falsies, their secret’s almost definitely a volumising mascara. The very best thickening mascaras separate your lashes at the root to ensure each hair is coated in bold black colour. The pockets of air created by lash separation help to give the impression of thicker, more voluminous eyelashes. The bolder the shade of black, the deeper and denser your look will appear. To give the formula the best chance of successfully thickening your lashes, don’t neglect the type of brush you choose. Keep an eye out for ones with precisely-aligned bristles. The method here? The space between each bristle is minimal meaning you can achieve that fanned-out lash look with ease.

Best Curling Mascara: Correct the curl

Lashes straighter than an arrow? Never fear. To hold curl and craft the eye-opening look you’re after, all you need is a curling mascara. This one is all about the brush. A curved wand will hug your lashes and guide them out of their die-hard straight shape. A tip from us? To expertly hold curl, a little extra work is needed from you. Use an eyelash curler prior to mascara application to build curl before you even begin. This will enhance the work of your mascara and set you up for a long-lasting look.

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