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Makeup Eraser

The Original MakeUp Eraser Pink

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    Reusable and incredibly soft against the skin, the Makeup Eraser is every makeup lover's best friend. All it takes is warm water to wash away the day—even waterproof eyeliner and mascara or stage makeup! Each cloth lasts up to a thousand washes. Its soft, woven polyester blend gets rid of touch makeup without leaving behind residue.


    • 7in. X 16in.
    • Machine washable.

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    Machine wash before first use. Wet with warm water and wipe away makeup with gentle pressure.

All of our products are 100% authentic

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3 reviews


Thought this was one of things you buy but never really use as it doesn't work the way you thought but OMG did it prove me wrong!! I've now ordered more of them so I have a back up when I'm washing one then bought another one for mum & she's in love too!! Tell Everyone to buy one of these!!

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It works!

I was a bit dubious about whether this product would work only with water. I'm pleased to report that it easily removed my full face of makeup including liquid eyeliner and mascara. The only downside is the makeup then ends up on your cloth so my pink makeup eraser has black streaks on it. So next time I will purchase the black one so the marks don't show in between washes in the washing machine.

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Not too bag at cleaning off makeup on its own but definitely not worth the price tag . Look for a cheaper alternative . I found I still needed to use a cleanser to complete the job . One side is meant to exfoliate but that is questionable . Overall not worth the price and not happy with performance

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