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Lunamer AC Skin Conditioner (Moisture) 120ml

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    Specially formulated for dehydrated and normal skin, the AC Skin Conditioner provides adequate moisture for dry, acne-prone areas. Developed through Fujifilm's proprietary nano-technology, its Acne Shooter content is of high concentration and effectively treats acne at the cellular level and moisturizes skin at the same time. Gentle and fine for use, the AC Skin Conditioner makes it suitable for sensitive skin also. 


    • Intensive moisturization at the cellular level.

    • Treats acne with the highest concentration of Acne Shooter, targeting the root cause of bacterial proliferation.

    • Conditions skin with fine nutrients that penetrate deeply into the cells and tissues.

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    Quasi-drug certified: Acne Shooter, Bilberry Leaf Extract, Pear Juice Ferment Filtrate, Artichoke leaf Extract

    • After cleansing, take an appropriate amount (approx. the size of a tiny coin) onto the palm and spread across the face. 

    • Pat lightly until it is fully absorbed into skin. (Cotton pad need not be used.)

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ratings & reviews
1 review

Totally killed my allergy reaction. Thank you!

I purchased Lunamer in desperation because the other toner I was using was giving me a horrible allergy reaction (think scabby skin, red, blotchy and itchy). I had the allergy reaction for good seven days before I decided enough was enough. Within a day of using Lunamer, the itchiness was soothed and the redness subsided. Within three days of using Lunamer, I am happy to share that the allergy reaction was completely taken care of, my skin hydrated and smoothened. Right now, I just need to get rid of the light pigmentation / scarring left. Hoping to find another awesome product on Luxola! 

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