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Granite Soft Brown Taupe Blonde Ebony Medium Brown Dark Brown Chocolate Caramel Auburn

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    This retractable pencil has a unique, triangular tip that can be used three different ways to outline and fill brows

    Thin: Use the sharpest point of the tip to create fine, hair-like strokes. Medium: Use the back side of the pencil to create thicker, hair-like strokes. Wide: Use the pencil on its side to create broad strokes.

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5 reviews

Soft Brown - Worth the hype

I love this product!! I have pretty wild brows  and this baby does the job!    It is easy to use  and the quality is good. I use it everyday and I love it!   I will repurchase for sure. I can't wait to buy more from ABH

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Ebony - Great tool

I really like this brow definer. I'm still getting use to using it at different angles  but overall it makes the brows look a lot better but not fake. I use to use the brow wiz and I have to say I still love the brow wiz..I'm torn between both but this definer has a thicker crayon-like feel compared to the brow wiz. In this respect it saves a bit of time when filling in the brows. I really like the spooley at the end too. Nifty little product.

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Loveeeee this brow product. I bought it after seeing that it's a favourite of both Jaclyn Hill and Kathleenlights and boy, I was not disappointed. I recommend this for anyone that is looking for a good high-end brow product.

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Medium Brown - LOVE

i love this product all though it is harder to use than the brow wiz. i use this to outline my brows and than the brow wiz to fill in and than i use the brush to brush through my brows and they looks so natural! :)

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Medium Brown - Compared with the Brow Wiz...

I used the Brow Wiz before but once I ran out I thought I'd give the Brow Definer a go. If you've been using the Wiz, then it takes a bit of getting used to the flat, broad, triangular shape of the pencil. But now that I've used it a few times it has made my brow routine way faster since it covers more area in one go. I think it's more suitable for people who already have a bit of hair on their brow but need filling in and defining, whereas the Brow Wiz is really good for filling in sparse areas/hairless parts of the brow. The spoolly thingy ( I can't live without the spoolly thing!) is much bigger compared the the Brow Wiz so it's harder to control the area you're blending. The bristles are longer - which again means less control and potential to over blend, so I wish the spooly was smaller! But again, if you get used to it, it's all good :)

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